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Bleasby In Bloom 2021

For many years, the teams running St Mary's Church and the Bleasby Village Hall have held a joint fundraising event, Bleasby Open Gardens. This event was scheduled to take place in 2021, but with the Covid 19 restrictions, the event could not take place.

Further both organisations have lost revenue as a result of the ongoing lockdown and social distancing restrictions that have been in place throughout the last year, as there has been little or no income from services, weddings, funerals and baptisms in the church, and the Bleasby Village Hall has had very little letting income. The costs of running and maintaining both buildings have nevertheless continued. The combined loss of routine revenue by the two organisations for the year is c £8,000.

St Mary's Church has been at the centre of the Bleasby community for hundreds of years. Whether you are a regular church goer, or just an occasional user such as for baptisms, weddings, and funerals, the church needs funds from the community of today in order to be there for present and future generations.

The church was there for Olive Marsh in 1919 for her wedding, and for her brother George in 1923 for his funeral and burial, when he died of TB aged 29 following military service in WWI.

The church has been available to us all in more recent times including for weddings, baptisms, remembering the fallen, marking the centenary of “Lights Out” in 2014, viewing the Royal Wedding on a big screen, the annual Christmas services, and Christmas tree lights on event, the dedication of the Bleasby Aircrews Memorial, and for those at the end of their lives, their funerals, and if they wish, their final resting places in the churchyard.

For those wishing to support St Marys with regular giving, details can be found (click here).

For further information about St Mary's Church (click here).

The Bleasby Village Hall has also been at the centre of Bleasby life for over 100 years, firstly when used as a school, and in later years as a community hall, managed by a group of Bleasby residents, the Bleasby Village Hall Management Committee. (click here). The Committee relies on lettings income, fundraising and, very occasionally grants, to fund its overheads and to maintain the building itself.

Users of the Village Hall are from all ages. Normal activities include meetings of the Bleasby Parish Council, the Bleasby WI, the Local History Society, and many activity and fitness groups. It is also used as a polling station for local and national elections.

The Bleasby Events Group brainstormed for ideas as to what could be done to help to fundraise taking into account the likely Covid 19 restrictions in order to try to create some much needed community spirit in the village, and at the same time, raise some funds to support these two village facilities.  We have decided to organise some activities during the course of the coming Spring and Summer, and ask villagers who wish to help to contribute to a Bleasby in Bloom 2021Just Giving account. All funds raised will be shared between St Mary's Church and the Bleasby Village Hall.

There are a number of ideas that are being developed for community activities, including Mile of Pennies (click here) Bleasby Virtual Open Gardens (click here), a Jigsaw Exchange(click here), a Flower Quiz(click here), a Scarecrow event(click here), a Plant Stall(click here), as well as  Bleasby in Bloom (click here). Details of these activities, and how you can participate, will be announced over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, we invite you join in with these activities by preparing and placing a tub or planter of spring flowers at the entrance of your home, put up a hanging basket of flowers, and also grow extra seeds and cuttings that you can donate to the plant stall.

To get the fundraising started, please help us to go the extra mile by purchasing some pennies (click here), and take a look at the Jigsaw Exchange (click here)

The link to the Just Giving webpage is:

Crowdfunding to raise funds for St Mary's Church and the Village Hall during Bleasby in Bloom 2021 on JustGiving

Bleasby Events Team