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FAG Volunteer Wardens

The Bleasby Flood Action Group was set up in 2007 and is led by Peter Cast and Elaine France along with a further nine volunteers. Each volunteer undertakes regular training from Nottingham District Council and the FAG leadership.

The group has a range of expertise which collectively provides for a team of individuals to monitor the local area for flood risk and to implement the Bleasby Flood Action Plan in the event of flooding. This includes setting up road diversions, providing advice to the public, helping vulnerable residents and contacting the emergency services. 

The network of wardens is available at any time to help answer any questions you may have about flooding in Bleasby.

If you are interested in becoming a Flood warden, please contact any of the existing wardens for more information. 

Bleasby FAG Volunteer Wardens

Area FAG Contact Land line phone

All Goverton to rail line

Peter Cast (FAG Lead Warden)

01636 830284

Rail line to School Lane & Manor Close 

Heather Edinborough

From Manor Close to Shale Lane (inclusive)

Gordon McLean 

Elmores Meadow & Hawthorn Close

Jenny Stirland

01636 830987

Elmores Meadow to and including Borrow Bread Lane & Sycamore Lane 

Ali Sutherland

01636 831026

Gypsy Lane

Alison Salter

Church to Gibsmere

Stuart Thomson

01636 83004

Boat Lane to Gibsmere

Chris Foster


Monica Richardson